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Bite me Bait Shack in Homestead, Florida is a family owned and operated bait and tackle all-in-one stop shop. A young couple married in their teens loved to fish. Their first home was 2 minutes from Black Point Marina, but they had to drive 20 minutes out to the nearest bait store. With nothing around their home but farms, they had no choice. Thru the years as they were busy creating a family, the scenery around them also changed. With those changes came dreams, the dream of opening their own bait and tackle. Then, Del Campo Shops began construction on the corner of 112th Avenue (Allapatah) and 248th Street (Coconut Palm), which is the west entrance to Black Point Marina. In January of 2010, Bite Me Bait Shack was born! We carry an assortment of salt and fresh water tackle as well as live and frozen bait, fishing rods, reels, and so much more! Whether you’re off planning on going fishing or out on the sandbar, stop by…we have what you need, and welcome new members to the Shack Family!

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